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I like this quote from Twilight: Life Sux, And Then You Die. ;-)

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Hiya! I am a female. I love reading, writing and drawing. I always need my privacy and the most impotant thing in my life is my family and friends. They keep me grounded and without them I dont know what i'd do. I love getting messages and love having friends so you can message me as much as you'd like and you can add me as a friend. I love chocolate and i'm obbsessed with corny love stories. I love Twilight and Harry Potter and I really cant stand stuck up snobs that think the world belongs to them. (No offense all you that either are one or like ppl like that) Well, yeah, thanx for taking our time to read about me! I'm flattered!!!

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February 1, 2009


Okay so i'm pretty much in a really good mood right now, I'm so bored and this is what I did. I still have my story I just pur it on "Unpublished" because I wanted to do a few things with it before I publish it, Sorry if you liked it but it'll be out again soon, Thanx! I love you guys!

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