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To my friends, I'll be known as a very dark being, not true most of the time. I LOVE the anime bleach and all things random. I'm nice until you take the chocolate away, for if you do, you'll be sorry. I want to try RP in bleach so let me know if you want to. Btw I have never RPed before in my life so you'll have to be patient with me.

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stories My Plea
Published in Stories on 02/24/2013
stories My Bleach Dream: Just Because I Can
Published in Stories on 07/08/2012
quizzes Bleach: It's All in Your Head *11*.
Published in Quizzes on 01/03/2012
stories Forgotten connection.
Published in Stories on 11/28/2011
quizzes Bleach: It's All in Your Head *10*.
Published in Quizzes on 11/26/2011


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July 7, 2012

Well... That was some maze 0-0.

Hello beings. I'm back, well almost back. Still got a holiday to go on but then I will be back for the summer to continue my "Bleach it's all in your head" sorry for being off so long. You know how it is, school, friends, getting lost in mazes. Well looking forward to a new summer :).

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