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Not Quite Dead! I mean, if I was dead, what would those poor forms do?

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Hello there! I'm Kashimalin (Cash-E-Mall-In), but you can call me Kashi, Grace, or Cerxga. I love to write and read fanfiction, and my trade on Quizilla is writing one-shots and doing forms! I love Organization XIII, Professor Layton, Ouran, Ace Attorney, Rhythm Thief, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, and Pokemon! Also check me out on Twitter (Multiple Hetalia RP Accounts), deviantART (Art and Wallpaper), and Tumblr (Multifandom Rebloggery)

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December 19, 2013

Yooo, lookit that! I got stuff out!

Told y'all I'm not dead!
Organization XIII Forms

1. darkenedXIII

2. XxPalidromexX

Professor Layton Forms

1. Yurenxtsubaki78

2. BloodstainFever

Ouran High School Host Club Forms




Ace Attorney Forms



3. shiva651
4. bloodycrisis


1. StarryNightenGale - Apollo Justice one-shot

2. rosethorns123 -Saïxone-shot

3. FabulousReaper - Russia one-shot
4. ForeverCrushingOnWesley - Wesley Crusher one-shot
5. Yeste10 - McCoy one-shot
6. skaro5 - Chekov One-shot


- Prank Time!
- Seven Winters of Secrets and Lies
- Kingdom High School, Remixed! (Might move to Fanfiction to be completed if I chose to move)

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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