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life is like a packet of skittles, you never know how gay it's gonna get

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Hellooo :) So about me? Well let's see i'm a dorky spazz who lovesss to write. Mainly lyrics and poetry. Uhm music is my second love, and i love just about anything. Although i am obsessed with jonny craig at the momenttt. aha. Oh i'm 15, and just another teenage girl who can wait to get out of the suburban hell hole she lives in. haha. I never stop smiling, and enjoy staying up all night and partying! WOOOO. Haha I love people, so hit me up you!

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stories Play the record to my heart.
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quizzes 30 minutes in heaven With pictururesss, for GIRLS AND BOYSSS.
Published in Quizzes on 07/02/2010


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May 22, 2010

I hate you sooo much (but secretly i still love you sadly...)

It's so crazy to believe how much i've changed in the past 3 years. In some ways good and in others bad. I've learned that that world and people in it, aren't all they seem to be. However, i've laughed and cried and experienced more than i thought i would. Though it's been a hard year, i regret nothing. No matter how much my parents hate me and resent me for the mistakes i've made , i know deep down i need to understand these things and see this part of the world... A world less sheltered. Cause before, that was all i had ever known.... Shelter, home and safety... Sure those things are good to have, but I needed to know there was more to life. Maybe i am growing up too fast, maybe i'm still a naive little girl who wants to change the world, maybe i'm a bundle of fears of committment and a strong willed girl who never lets someone get in her way... All i know is that all these experiences have me who i am today. I may not be perfect, but i absolutely LOVE who i am today. On a more personal note.... A certain someone decided to waltz back into my life and i'm more than sure i don't like. You know that one guy that you absolutely hate more than anyone else.... but somehow you can't help but love. Well that's him. He's probably only talking to me because he's desparate for another naive girl to fuck. Well i've been there and done that, so there's no way in hell i'm letting a guy like that play with my emotions ever again. So the point is i found a solution. And that is to ignore him.... No matter how much i want to talk to him cause he gives me butterflies in my stomach. I'm not going to cause he's not worth the pain, he's not worth another fight between me and my parents. I'm done with you. Find another victim.

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