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Don't piss me off i own a skateboard with ALOT of metal parts :D

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Hai! My name is Allison... And yeah I'm not really the most loved at my school... So that sucks... My fave bands include Bvb, Panic at the disco, Hollywood undead, Botdf, Asking alexandria, and Paramore... Well yeah, now you know what I'm all about I also like nevershoutnever... BAII

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poems Jasmine
Published in Poems on 07/08/2012
poems Regret? Get used to it
Published in Poems on 04/09/2012
poems Ode to Music
Published in Poems on 04/09/2012
poems Smile...
Published in Poems on 04/05/2012
poems .:This is me:.
Published in Poems on 04/05/2012


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poems Layla 05/18/2012
poems Faking A Smile 05/16/2012
poems xTo all you Beautiful Peoplex 04/14/2012
poems Pain inside 04/11/2012
poems xI Miss Youx 04/10/2012

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