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Cunts Get Cuts From Razor Blade Nuts ;D

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Decided that I hate quizilla for reasons.... Byyeee

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Published in Stories on 06/22/2012
stories Don't Leave -Micahel Vampire-
Published in Stories on 06/03/2012
stories It's Just For Fun -Ricky Horror- 3
Published in Stories on 06/03/2012
stories It's Just For Fun -Ricky Horror- 2
Published in Stories on 05/20/2012
stories It's Just For Fun -Ricky Horror-
Published in Stories on 05/06/2012


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April 11, 2012

New Ideas!

So! I know I haven't updated....BUT! I have been getting ideas :]
I will start new story(s)
Oliver Sykes: Deadly Curses
Ricky Horror -Olslen-: It's Just for Fun
Michael Vampire: Don't Leave
(A maybe story) Asking Alexandria: When Our Worlds Crash Down
(Maybe Story) Which I'm not sue about yet...might be about what i see around me at school and life. No famouse RockStars on this one.

That's all I got..Message me if your enterested in them and would like to be in them :] I don't care what type of person you wanna be in them.

Also, I will try to update more. Ya' know, I love messages. I reply back :D

Bye Sugar Plums.
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