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My name is Kye Shirosaki, but Quizilla wouldn't let me use Kye. So I decided to use Koseiteki, meaning "individual." I'm an AP student balancing homework with Drama Club, but I still try to find time to write. I'm writing a WWFFY called Beloved Darkness, but I plan to start one for guys too.

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poems Latch On
Published in Poems on 01/17/2012
quizzes Beloved Darkness {Part 21}
Published in Quizzes on 01/16/2012
quizzes Beloved Darkness {Part 20}
Published in Quizzes on 01/10/2012
quizzes Beloved Darkness {Part 19}
Published in Quizzes on 01/06/2012
stories Homophobia
Published in Stories on 01/05/2012


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January 17, 2012


I wrote a poem today about a few of my recent experiences in the romance department I've had, but I don't think it posted. The poem was good to me, but I'll never know how it was/is to other people because I didn't save it on Microsoft first. All's well that ends well though. I wrote it for me, not for everyone else. I finished so I'm okay. The weights still there, but I can at least move my shoulders now. Why does simple high school dating have to be complicated?

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