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Mi presentate UN vantaggio potete baciare il mio asino e non posso!!

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stories Love, Lies, and Murder # 32
Published in Stories on 12/28/2006
stories Tempting Fate # 2
Published in Stories on 09/14/2006
stories Tempting Fate # 1 \\Yu Yu Hakusho\\
Published in Stories on 09/04/2006
stories Love, Lies, and Murder #31 \\Into The Cold Fire\\
Published in Stories on 08/02/2006
stories \\The Deadly Look of Love # 3\\ (Sesshomaru) -The Memory of the Stars
Published in Stories on 05/19/2006


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December 18, 2006

Love, Lies, and Murder

Hey folks, long time, no chat!

It's been a long while since I last posted anything up here, has it not?

Well anyways, I have come to make a proposition with you. As you know, I kind of abandoned my "Love, Lies, and Murder" series, well if you want to call it that. And when I say "Abandoned" I mean that I never did update it simple because of the fact that I kind of despise Quizilla now. And not to mention that I was starting to loose interest in it -_-

So the proposition that I have decided to make with everyone involves me coming back for a while (Yes, I would be back to finish the job that I never did finish). I honestly do not feel like getting somewhere with a story and then not updating for almost half a year). So if this is what everyone agrees on, then so be it. I'd be happy to finish it.

And once I am done with that story, I might get back to my others. But if you really do want this then, I will post a new part up before Christmas (Shockingly).

As you know, I decided to move to sites like and, but it seems that things are moving slower than ever on there. So before I go about repeating myself on the question. I would just like to know how many people want this to happen, because either way if fine with me.

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stories Passion Burning Rose-Kurama[part two] 03/16/2006

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