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~I am a Lokitty that looks like a puppy and howls like a wolf~ (Thanks everyone for 20k views~! I DON'T DESERVE YOU) Roxaskeybladerocks is my sister and my light~.

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Hi-hi~. I'm Kate, though some call me Kat, and most Akaxy. Call me whichever you like :D I like a lot of things~, though my top are candy, Kingdom Hearts,Homestuck, Bleach and Kuroshitsuji! :3 Don't be afraid to talk to me, I am hyper and have a lot of energy to share with everyone! :D

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stories Sort of important news.
Published in Stories on 07/18/2012
stories ~*~Misleading Hearts~*~ (Chapter Four.)
Published in Stories on 07/14/2012
stories Whispers in Wonderland. (Chapter Seven.)
Published in Stories on 07/06/2012
stories Pokémon OC: //Luke// (Updated)
Published in Stories on 06/19/2012
stories Whispers in Wonderland. (Chapter Six.)
Published in Stories on 06/14/2012


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June 14, 2012


Mood: Happy and excited~!

Listening to: Rondo- ON/OFF

Reading: Detective Conan.

Playing: Pokémon Platinum.

Watching: The Legend of Korra.


Obviously not me. That’s why I’m so excited at the moment. XD It’s amazing how quickly the year passes by~. I’m about to turn sixteen! *gasp* I’ll be older than Sora! D: NO. But I’ll be Riku’s age! And now there will only be a nine year difference between Saïx and me. XD Exciting.

Anyhoo I’m inviting some friends over tomorrow. :3 We’re going to eat and swim and have fun and eat cake! I will share cakes for all of you, too! ;o

Loki and the Avengers are filling my mind at the moment, so I want to RP them now. XD

Anyway, hope you all have a great day and eat lots of cakes! :D

Also, one-shots are slow because my romantic muse is dead at the moment, and I’m a bit more focused in writing for Misleading Hearts, Whispers in Wonderland, One Engine and re-writing Anima Clavis the best way I can! Procrastinating on the internet doesn’t help with one-shots, either. XD

But enough about me! Tell me about you! How are you? What are you up to? Do you like Loki? :3 I’ve been away for a while and I regret it. D: I miss you all!



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