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August 1, 2011

Well..this will be hard!

I am disappointed with myslef, saying I'd finish them before the end of LAST WEEK. Well, I was busy, had to get on with things went away for the weekend. My life goes on, I'll try get all of them finished before end of September, but some of them are difficult! So no promises.
So I got a sudden downpour of requests. That makes me happy. And busy. So just so I can keep track, here's the list:)

1.XXMoonHybridXX -

2.finitygirl101 -

3.xrosexwhitexrosexred -

4.KitKatCrazy -
5. superdork102 - Hm..this one is hard but I'm going to do my best!

6.yayjasper -

7. x3kissdontkill -


9. Kristax3-


May have missed you out, message me again, if I have! Please, I'll apologise to you!
PLEASE NOTE:- These are done like my other oneshots, they are, granted reall short so I'll try make them a paragraph or two longer:) Thanks!!

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