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Coming To An End.

So we all knew this moment wasgoing to come. In two more chapters, the "Dear Cops" story will be reaching to its end. But before you whip out any messages expressing your disappointment, I shall say that....drum roll please.....

A sequel will be coming!

Now normally I don't do sequels because I believe that a good story deserves to end just the way it is, and not drag on and on forever.But since I got such amazing feedback on this particular story, I decided, what the hell,might as well start off to something new. And I will be adding new stories as well, and here is a preview of what you might see

.Werewolves (Of course, considering I'm a wolf fan^^)
.Superheros (Who doesnt love a good superhero story? and its unique, because most of quizilla consists of either vampires or werewolves.)
.Harry Potter stories (100% Potterhead)
.Horror stories (i.e, kidnapping stories, that sort of things.)
and much more!

So fear not. Although the "Dear Cops" story is ending pretty soon, a sequel will come out! :D. *applause applause*. You know what they say, when a door closes, another one opens....

Or something among those lines. Eh,potato potatoe.

Posted at 1:36 PM EST on Friday, February 24, 2012


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