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Don't Ever Be Afraid To Say What You Think Is Right, Even If It Feels Like Everyone is Against You. You'll Only Regret Not Saying Something When You Had The Chance ♥

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Hey there, you call me Renee. I'm a writer A singer A lover A sister A helper But most of all I'm a dreamer. If you don't like what I write well then here's a simple solution... Don't Read It. Xoxo- Renee

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November 11, 2012

Leaving Quizilla...

So I am sorry to say but I am leaving Quizilla.

I have tried uploading things multiple times and it never works and Quizilla is really starting to piss the hell out of me so I have decided to leave for watpad and

I may come back and try posting again but that may not be for a while cause I am seriously angry.

Most of my stories will be moved and rewritten to these sites.

I am so sorry for the inconvience.

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Sep 19th, 2014

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