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"Why do all anime characters look like girls?" --ignorant Friend. "Why can't you see the small things in people that shows their gender other than the obvious?" --Me getting mad at friend.

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I'm evil wicked and just darn stubborn! But what are you gonna do? Take it our leave it! I started liking and drawing anime in forth grade, and now I am a Hetalia Superfan! Well at least I think I am...Any way if I were a country I would totally fall in lines with Romano!!! *sigh* I need friends...LOL JK! I love my life!

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stories |My OC's| Adventure Time: Princess Day
Published in Stories on 05/21/2013
stories |My OC's| Hetalia: Libya
Published in Stories on 11/11/2012


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May 21, 2013

Well it's been awhile ._.

Sorry for not being on at all for a VERY long time (I had a BUNCH of computer viruses and issues that I had to take care of and school n' such). But I'm finally back and ready to take on RP's!

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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