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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind

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Cal me LynnLicious ^.^ cause thats what I am

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stories ~Father May I~ RenjiXoc~ Chapter 1
Published in Stories on 08/04/2012
stories ***The story that begins at the end*** Draco Love*** Ch.2
Published in Stories on 04/09/2012
quizzes Would I like you?~ (guys or girls) As a friend or more?~
Published in Quizzes on 04/09/2012
stories ***The story that begins at the end*** Draco Love*** Ch.1
Published in Stories on 04/08/2012
stories BANNER 2!!!!!!
Published in Stories on 02/11/2012


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April 9, 2012


So in case anyone was wondering, the picture of Jenna in my story The story that begins at the end is actually a picture of me ^.^ my name isn't Jenna however. I wish it was. No I won't mention my real name but like my bio says, call me LynnLicious cause that's what I am. Now I will say im 18 as of two days ago (April 7th). So yay for me Im finally an adult. (Not that I act like one or ever will for that matter). If you like my story so far or have any criticism on it feel free to message me about it. Im open to sudjestions and ideas from anyone. Just so everyone knows Meeka(character in the story) is actuallty my friends OC. AND the picture of Cori that I will be adding later is in real life my friend who Iv had a crush on since I was 5. :s lol In this story however he is my brother and may or may not end up with Meeka. Haven't decided on that part yet. Id love your opinion on who Cori should be with in the story. I love all of you who read my stuff ^.^ by the way Im working on chapter 2 as we speak so it should be up either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
~Lynn Licious

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stories Bleach RP 01/30/2012

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