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Published in Quizzes on 11/28/2005
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Published in Quizzes on 11/27/2005
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Published in Quizzes on 11/25/2005
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Published in Quizzes on 11/19/2005


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December 14, 2005

wierd stalking vampire whose part cat ^^

hey. hi. ugh.. still have strep.. getting better though... i've been out since thursday night. so i haven't been out of the house in like, 5 days.. so its pretty sad that i was overjoyed to get in the car and drive to my school to get my homework.. yeah.. i was happy to get my homework.. that's a once-in-a-lifetime emotion hopefully... umm i don't really know what to type now... i think that i'm about to go watch a movie.. NOT OFF SCI-FI!!! dude.. i was watching sci-fi the last four days. i got so bored i made a list of the movies i watched off sci-fi in 4 days.. it's pretty sad.. Movies: Queen of the Damned: 4 times!! (an awesome movie forver!! only cause i like vamp movies.. vamp movies are awesome!! even if i spend part of the time with my eyes closed.. ^^'' ) Painkiller Jane: 2 times. it was.. i dunno.. Resident Evil: 3 times... this one was just plain weird.. but i'd watch it again give me the chance!! Snakehead: OMG... i watched it twice.. never.. frikin.. again.. it was the most wierdo movie!! (well, not quite the MOST weirdo movie i ever saw.. that movie i'll never tell.. ^^ you ppls don't need to know) mini-Series: stargate SG1: 14 flipping episodes of this show.. stargate atlantis: only 7 Roswell: ROSWELL ROCKS!! I WATCHED THE WHOLE SERIES TWICE DUDES!!! AND I'D DO IT AGAIN!! i don't know how many episodes it took. but it took all day for me to watch it twice. from early morning to late late evening... that's all i can remeber for now.. QUEEN OF THE DAMNED AND ROSWELL KICK *insert word of choice here* !! ^^ anyway.. hold on.. give me a min to think if i'm forgetting anything... um.. no.. i think i'm good to go- WAIT!! i 'member now.. ^^ i have karate testing this sat.. ugh.. i need extra time.. but i can't.. thankfully next year we're starting a new system where you go at your own pace.. and my ani drives starting this sat.. ^^ GO ANI!!! so then after testing i'm going to go to the library with him and make up all my math that i've missed for the last,, however many days.. i can't go back to school til THurs.. i need to though.. i can't miss anymore math unless absolutly unavoidable. whoa.. my meds are kickin in ^^ the world's going backa nd forth, or side to side ors. somehintg like thatd.. i ffel like i didd the nighty of JR. but you all don't knowd wthat i'm speakin gof unless you were there and i know you weren't.. unless you're someone.. that someone's probably reading this.. i thinkd only a few ppl actually read my blog.. ohh. iso want a web cam. no worries ani. it'd be for you.. and chezu.. maybe.. i don't know heer lla that well. and i'd let rhi see.. so you and rhi and maybe cheezy. nno one else cause they all weirdo freaks who for all i know could be 60 yr old dudes who like in their mom's basments pretending to be our age and luring teen kids to their deaths. their deaths are 1. boiling in a pot of acid or being put in a hella big fish tank with a lid and only 4 inches of air at the top.. that was a nightmare i had.. oh my god it was scarry. i woke up sweating.. AANNYYWAAY.. i'm going to go to sleep now.. nightnight all!! i luvs you all!! with all my heart!! (even if my friends say i don't have one and that there is just a giant balck hole where mine should be because everyone thinks i'm some weird stalking vampire whose part cat.. i am denying nothing.. ^^ anyway.. i like rasberry tea.. wow, that was random.. anyway. nightnight.. i might post again in a few hours.. round midnight or so. or 1 or 2 am. i am officially nocturnal and i found out that i can still function normally on 30min of sleep.. i like 45min better though... nightynight. (for you anyway.. i'm going to go outside and be a weird stalking vampire whose part cat.. ^^ msg me!!

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