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There are no stupid questions, just stupid people -One of my teachers

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Hi! I'm an American...I don't know why I wrote that...I've been watching abnormal amounts of Hetalia! I love anime and cookies! Muffins and Dr. Pepper rock! I like to draw manga-style, I am...getting better. I like to write! YAY! Did I mention I'm insane?

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quizzes S.I.T.A. ~5~
Published in Quizzes on 05/03/2012
quizzes S.I.T.A. ~4~
Published in Quizzes on 04/27/2012
stories To Crack the Mind Of the Boy ~4~
Published in Stories on 04/18/2012
quizzes S.I.T.A. ~3~
Published in Quizzes on 04/14/2012
polls Should there be romance in "To Crack the Mind of the Boy"?
Published in Polls on 04/14/2012


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July 8, 2012

Leaving Quizilla

Hello people! Informing anyone that is interested to know, I'm leaving Quizilla. It has become really difficult uploading quizzes. That's all. Oh, and I'm going to Quotev/Quizazz(eh, same website). If you're following me, I'm DaRkAuTuMnOtAkU. I will have the quizzes on there ASAP. Thanks!!!

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quizzes What You Need To Hear Right Now 04/04/2012

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