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I Now Share My Account With My Sis. :(

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Heyy!!! My name is Jade Tordelo!!! I am in LOVE with Smosh! I am there biggest fans! EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLIN'! XD I may seem like that fun, colorful, and bubbly girl from Miami... But I'm a totally different girl. Most of you will never know me officialy. Only when I find my true love shall he know who I really am... TE AMO!

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December 27, 2011

I'm Done

Quizilla is annoying me lately. Always getting gliches and NEVER saving quizzes that took me hours to make. It just annoys me! So anyway I'm going to leave Quizilla and go to a different website. I will stop by here once in a while but not daily. So I guess this is goodbye. I love y'all!

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Sep 21st, 2014

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