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"You're birthday'll be Christmas, because you're God's gift to me."~ Axannya to Roxas ||| "Put your big-girl panties on, and deal with it."

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About Me

Hey what's up? I'm Mittens2008, but you can just call me Axannya. I love to draw and make stories. I like summer, running, food,and music!! I am also a Christian. Anyway thanks for stopping by, hope you like my stuff. Don't hesitate to say hi! I don't bite!

Latest Journal Entry

October 2, 2010

Kind of a Brain Fart

I haven't been updating this thing enough! I'm closing oneshots for now because I'm having a oneshotbrainfart. big word yah. Plus I've got more stories in the making, but they're a set amount of parts (hopefully ( I'm terrible I know, making up more stories when I haven't completed TD (Axel~ You try to do too much!))) Oneshot info...
Things I know....
Kingdom Hearts(no Axel oneshots)
Black Cat
Fullmetal Alchemist
Maximum Ride
Death Note

Final Fantasy 7(no Zack oneshots)
I'll still write a oneshot for things not listed here, but they might take a bit longer.

People who still owe me oneshots. I wanted to remind you guys, but I didn't wanna seem nagging...


Siggy's (decided to add em cuz they're fun and the journal has no word limit)
I'm a AKUROKU HATER and PROUD of it BABY! if your a akuroku hater to and not afraid to admit it copy this into your profile!

AXEL IS NOT GAY! HE IS AN EXTREMELY LOYAL FRIEND! If you agree with this statement, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name to the list (optional): Neassa, FireWaterLightDark7890, Kurenai-yuuhi-rox, Rikulover43, Ocean's Nocturne of the COCA, luvablenerd, soraroxas365, Khfangirl681213, Lunarex the 15th member, extremerachey, xXFire22x, Mittens2008

96% of teens wont stand up for God, paste this onto your sig if you are one of the 4% who will

I cried like a baby when Axel faded, copy and paste this into your sig if you did too.

Jesus is my homeboy.

Axel and Roxas have a heart, like it or not.

A.copy this
X.into your
L.if your obsessed with Axel!

The Organization is my family. Axel is my husband, Roxas is my son, Demyx is my big brother, and Xigbar is my uncle; Rachel is my daughter, and Zack is my son-in-law.

Axel is the most amazing living thing to ever exist, don't deny it, you know it's true.

Roxas melts my heart with a single glance.

Copy and paste this in your signature if you support the return of Organization XIII

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Sep 15th, 2014

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