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Random Chick: Wow, you have problems! Me: And aren't you jealous?

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Hai, the name's Emma. I have two obsessions: Music and Japan. I am 17. My absolute favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Alien Ant Farm, The Sex Pistols, Skrillex, and The GazettE. My favorite manga is Death Note, my favorite anime is Black Butler, and my favorite TV show is Doctor Who. Ima short peep, you know I represent XD.

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stories Gaijin. Chapter 4
Published in Stories on 07/17/2012
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Published in Stories on 07/05/2012
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Published in Stories on 07/04/2012
stories Gaijin
Published in Stories on 07/03/2012
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Published in Quizzes on 04/17/2011


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February 18, 2012

Could it Be? :O

I'm not sure, but I heard that my beloved An
Cafe is coming off hiatus this spring. Yay!!! It's
going to be awesome! This isn't a set date, but
still! AHHHHHHHH!!!
And, if you don't know about An Cafe, it's okay.
Find them on Youtube!

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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quizzes Emo Heaven, anyone? :3 Part 2! 01/22/2012

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