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My crazy mind and self...hehehhehehe..>:3

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Hey yeah so i like anime and anything really that comes to me. Want to talk more to me go to gaiaonline .com I'm the silent type that won't talk much but I'll get to know you at some point. My fav song is Halloween by Aqua...:3 Tell me ideas soon..i hope.

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stories Gaia: Aberration
Published in Stories on 11/23/2013
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Published in Stories on 03/01/2012
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Published in Stories on 12/22/2011
stories What I look like...
Published in Stories on 11/18/2011
stories Horror Begins For You!
Published in Stories on 10/29/2011


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November 23, 2013

I'M gonna try to type down a idea

God...I have totally abandoned this site for awhile haven't I???? Well, I'm back to visit and try to get a story down. (Lord knows, I probably won't.) But *sigh* beggers can't be choosers. Any how, hope everyone is doing well. I'm gonna try to be on this site more.

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Sep 18th, 2014

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