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Life is never easy but love eases the pain

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I love music!! if anyone ever takes my music away from me.... lets just say they wont be alive long enough to be sorry JK!!! god dont call the police or anything! geeze... but seriously i also love sports and my WEIRD CRAZY RANDOM friends!!! (i freaking LOVE you guys!!!) and i loves to write!!!! umm well no duh im on quizilla!!!! Msg me if you want to talk^-^

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lyrics Believe in me
Published in Lyrics on 10/14/2012
lyrics Left me
Published in Lyrics on 09/06/2012
lyrics We'll make it through
Published in Lyrics on 07/08/2012
poems Fix my heart
Published in Poems on 06/24/2012
quizzes Should you ask him out? (girls only)
Published in Quizzes on 06/21/2012


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quizzes Are you guys meant to be together? (Girlz only, srry guyz) 06/11/2012
quizzes does your BF luv yew :3 03/18/2012
quizzes You !! :D 03/18/2012

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