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Yo! I'm Gabby! It is nice that someone viewing my profile! I hope You are not stalker! And if You are...Emh...Hi? Anyway! I just love anime! I'm friendly, optimistic and sometimes even annoying, but I hope we can be friends! Be free to message me~! :33

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stories Roleplay~?
Published in Stories on 09/12/2012
stories Green dress~ (N.Italy)
Published in Stories on 06/06/2012
stories Shopping~ (Poland)
Published in Stories on 06/06/2012
stories єurovision (ғinland)
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Latest Journal Entry

June 8, 2012

Yo, loves~!


(That’s so adorable!)


I’m back from my hiatus/break or whatever!

I’m doing just great! What about You?!

My school is finally over! HELL YEAH! And my grades are quit sucking, but I don’t really care…Well, I have two bad grades and another are actually high! So, yeah, I’m cool. Anyway, school is over and free! Tough, I have a lot of work as volunteer! But that doesn’t involve my school business, so whatever~

I know, that Eurovision was a while ago, but still…Who was Your favorite? Mine of course was Russia and Ireland (JEDWARD *Q*) I mean, c’mon! Russia! Those grannies are so cool! And not mention they look so nice and sweet~

Anyway, You know what is super cool?! In the end of summer we are going have Anime Festival! Hell Yeah! And my random work club (volunteers) are borrowing bus and we going to it! And take a guess who I will cosplaying! *drums* Greece! Yeah!

*Read journal comments* Ohh…That’s so nice, that people are actually said they will miss me~ I love You all~ By the way: Thebluestchu, I saw that coming! (picture stealing) and San-sand, well…A lot of people mistakes our names and its actually pissing me off. :DD

Oh! I miss everybody soooo much! Jimmy, Alice, Bekah, San-San, of course the bluestchu, calliebee and StarShiningTail!


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Sep 19th, 2014

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