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Staggering 6 foot blonde hair pony tail blue eyed creation of man kind.

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There's are really hard to write so i'll just tell you that you're awesome (17/NY) Wordpress- Richnessinwords

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stories Genesis and Genocide. (AHS Asylum) 8/15
Published in Stories on 03/08/2014
stories Down the Mail Chute. ×Len× 12.
Published in Stories on 03/08/2014
stories Down the Mail Chute. ×Len× 11.
Published in Stories on 03/07/2014
stories ☆ The Gumi Megpoid Show ☆ PILOT ☆
Published in Stories on 03/01/2014
stories Down the Mail Chute ×Len× 1o.
Published in Stories on 02/22/2014


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March 30, 2014


Just a journal post to let you know i'm alive

the musical was great. really, really amazing.

i found someone i like. but i'm graduating, and we'll have to part. so it's bittersweet.

i fully intend to continue my stories. dont be scared! probably this week, im just really distracted with my heartbeat and his soft lips..

do you think my writting will sound different now?

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Apr 21st, 2014

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stories © Cuffed: 2 © Naruto Uzumaki © 08/30/2013
stories A Matter Of Time ✲Rin Okumura✲ 07/27/2013
stories THE KNIGHT : ③ 07/27/2013
stories Between The Lines [Contest] 07/22/2013
stories 【ⓢⓟⓞⓞⓝⓢ and FORKS】 ❥ misaki yata 06/04/2013

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