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Hey everyone~ Neko and Panda here! We will have new chapters and Mini Stories up soon so keep watching for updates!~

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stories April 13th 2012 Panda and Neko's Dearest Friends...
Published in Stories on 04/14/2012
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Published in Stories on 04/13/2012
stories April 10th 2012 Face Cake and Sticky Fun Balls
Published in Stories on 04/10/2012
stories April 10th 2012 Neko and Panda Trolling at K-Mart
Published in Stories on 04/10/2012
stories Misfit Boys
Published in Stories on 04/09/2012


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April 9, 2012

Face cake and sticky fun balls:) -Panda

Heyy sexy peoples,This is your Panda speaking, Neko wanted me to write one of these. I honestly have no idea what to say! lol well as she told you before my baby turned 15, and because we are really lame we went to kmart for her birthday. And first thing we did was start trolling people. And I'm not going to go into great detail with this but if you've ever managed to see a sticky fun ball then you might understand why we had such a great time lol. cuz we are just that stupid!:) And not only did we kill our friend just a bit, but im pretty sure i mentally scarred poor Neko talking about passionatly kissing...something;) Im a perv apparently lol. then she revealed the glorious cake, with lord sesshomaru's face on it..we still havent eaten the face, its too beautiful!:) Anyway I got to go! byyyeeee sorry for boring you!~Panda <3
P.S. I love Martin Broda from Abandon All Ships! Almost met him the other night, mum yelled at me to get in the car tho:( One shots for me and him would be lovely *hint hint* XDAlright im done now!!:)

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