Pepsicrazed's Favorites

Pepsicrazed's Favorites
Type Title Author Published Rating

stories Art request for goofygoobers Alyssathewerehog 03/22/2014 5.00
stories Thanks For The Memories (Sonic highschool story) Soraheart16 03/04/2014 5.00
stories My form Freezethewolf 02/13/2014 3.00
stories For Pepsicrazed AfterTeller 02/13/2014 5.00
stories For Pepsicrazed (trade) morganthetiger 02/04/2014 5.00
stories Entry for Pepsicrazed's contest morganthetiger 02/03/2014 5.00
stories Elementals: Funny times- chapter 2- Pepsi-crazed Shadetheshapeshifter 01/25/2014 5.00
stories Elementals- Chapter 1- Adopted Shadetheshapeshifter 01/20/2014 4.75
stories Sonic Christmas Request for Pepsicrazed coffeeluver216 01/01/2014 5.00
stories Chaos and Mystery pt. 1 Freezethewolf 12/10/2013 5.00
stories Late Art trade (Pepsicrazed) Shadetheshapeshifter 11/16/2013 5.00
stories DRAWING CONTEST!!! TheDarkLightLove 09/23/2013 5.00
quizzes Mobian High school TheDarkLightLove 09/01/2013 3.75
stories Freeze the wolf bio 1.2 Freezethewolf 08/01/2013 3.00
quizzes Sonic WWFFY Nightshadethecat 05/15/2013 5.00
quizzes Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho! The Pirate Boy's for me!(Sonic WWFFY2) mikuthetiger 05/08/2013 5.00
quizzes clueless sonic wwffy 10 goldenblossom 05/03/2013 5.00
quizzes Crystal clear, wait, EMERALDS AREN'T PURPLE!!!! (a sonic wwffy part 35) The End coffeeluver216 05/03/2013 5.00
quizzes Through The Portal (A Team Awesome WWYFF) Part 2 TheNumberOneSonicFan 04/25/2013 3.50
stories part 2 The Prophecy 15opal15 04/25/2013 5.00

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