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My first account on this site is angelfirefly, this is my second account I have made. But to all who do not know me, here are five things about myself you should know: 1 I am a strong Christian woman, and that is never going to change! 2 I love music, and the anime Naruto 3 I have a crush on Zak Bagans from the show ghost Adventures 4 I am a big dreamer and want to pursue anything I set my mind to 5 I love making friends!

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June 17, 2012

Guah! I need to watch pokemon again #tag'd


-You must answer all questions, and no bullsh*t answers!

-You must tag at least five people! If you don't have that many, just tag as many as possible!

-You have to message those who have been tagged!

-If you'd like to add your own question, you may do so!


-Name the entry after a Pokemon with a good reason why? I dunno, I'm bored, but I'm not doing that.

Got tagged by foxyninja1!

Gotta reply to the questions!

Okay, now for my answers:

1: Favorite region/generation? why?

Probably the johto region because of the cute little cyndaquil running around!

2: Favorite pokemon type? Why?

Water mostly followed by fire. Water pokemon just have so many animalistic pokemon I love so much! Flareon is the reason why fire is the runner up!

3:What starters did you choose? Which is your favourite?

I'm with foxyninja on the classics! Pikachu and charmander are awesome! Had to pick one................................ Pikachu!

4:What region/generation, starter, and type are your least favourites and why?

Don't really like the Unova region. (I know it's the newest one and sorry to the fans of the Unova region!) I just don't like the pokemon starters or really any of the new pokemon there so far. Mind might change but so far, uh!

5: Who was/is your favourite gym leader and member of the elite four or chamion?
Sabrina is my favorite girl leader along with Misty. Brock would be my fav guy. Elite four? Lance!


...Hm....I suddenly feel like holding a gun.. Ya-haa!!!!!!

(You kill me foxyninja1!) Love ya!

7: Favourite and least favourite teams?
Butch and Cassidy come up withe better plans! It's funny how nobody can say Butch!

8: Rival you've hated the most, and rival you could tolerate?

I thought Gary was a funny rival, but I though Paul was a total snob!

9: Most favourite place to train/explore? Least favourite?

I like training by the beaches in Kanto. the safari zone is BORING.

10: Favourite Pokemon movie(s)

The very first one and the movie with Latios and Latias. I also like the one with Celebi. (I probably confused people if there was more than one movie with some of the pokemon listed above.)

11: Magikarp or Feebas?
Magikarp. Why? Gyarados!

12: Ash Ketchum. Hate him, or love him?

When I was three, he was ten. Today I am eighteen and a half and now he has aged back two years! At least Naruto ages in his anime. (Sorry, I'll keep the topic pokemon!) I guess Ash is alright, but I actually get annoyed at him a lot more then I used to.

13: Your best Pokemon team?

Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Rapidash, Ninetales and Persian.

14: You're in the Pokemon world. What's your home region, your starter, and what do you want to be?

Kanto is my home region! I'll have Pikachu for a starter, and I'd probably want to be a pokemon doctor like nurse joy. Or perhaps a gym leader....... I'll go with doctor.

15: Now post pictures of your favourite Pokemon.
Vaporeon is my all time favortite!

Then Ninetales

And of course Leafeon!

16: Now tag at least five people (if you can't, just do as many as possible) and message them after doing so


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