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Not taking any requests at all. I can't write on command anymore. Or at least for now. D:

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My pen name is PolkaDotxShinigami. I love writing, and music. If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to message me, I'll answer.

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June 5, 2010

Something new to add to my knowledge of Animes/Mangas.

I watched Howl's Moving Castle last night, and instantly fell in love with the story line, as well as the characters.

And today I've decided to post a list of Animes/Mangas I'm comfortable writing for. XD

They are in order from Most comfortable to least.

Ouran High School
Fruits Basket
Kingdom Hearts
Tokyo Mew Mew
(Japanese names because I disliked the English)
Shugo Chara
Pet Shop of Horrors
Hana Kimi
Gauken Alice
Vampire Knight
(little iffy on this one as I've lost interest after some point in the manga. XD)
Paradise Kiss
Howl's Moving Castle
(until I really get used to writing for it)
Fairy Tail
Dengeki Daisy
After School Nightmare
Axis Powers Hetalia
Heart no Kuni no Alice
Special A
Soul Eater
(once again iffy because I lost interest in the anime)
Hana Yori Dango
Death Note
(this is at the bottom because.. I don't like Light >.>)

List of to be added at some point(in no order):
The Cat Returns
Rave Master
Shaman King
(when more information becomes available through the Manga)
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
(same as above)
Love Berrish
(when I get around to becoming familiar with the characters)
Great Teacher Onizuka

Things you can count on NOT being on the list:
I refuse to finish this series until I know for certain she'll go back to Nobu. Because of Hachi's character, I feel that my tears aren't worth her stupidity.

So, if you ever decide to message for a one shot request, now you'll know what I can and can't write, and depending on where it is on the list it may or may not effect how long it takes.

If you do have a request, please do not post on my journal as it doesn't tell me when someone does. Just drop a pm with the name of the series, and your character information. I'll get back to you on wether I can at the moment, or if it'll take awhile because I'm busy with someone/something else. ^^


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