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Im Cool Fun And A Great Person I'm Funny....I LOVE To Have Fun I LOVE Writing Its No Just A Hobbie Its A Passion !I Love The Outsiders But Johnny , Sodapop , Dallas And PonyBoy Are My Fave !

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Latest Journal Entry

September 30, 2011


kelina-whatever ! im still going !


~next day on the bus~

ray-hey guys

kelina-hey ray

jacob-whats up

Rest Of Mb-whats up

prod is sitting in the chill area on the phone with briianna

prod-are you sure you dont want me to tell the bus driver to come get

briianna-no im fine im with the girls i wonder why kelina isnt here yet

prod-kelina is on the bus right now

briianna-o.O really !

prod-hahaha you didnt know

briianna-no haha

kelina in back ground-i told ash to tell you but i still love

briianna-its fine love you guys gotta go

~end or covno~

kelina-hey lets play i game

roc-what kinda of game

kelina-a game when i go to sleep and you dont make alot of noise doesnt that seem fun ! =D

roc-thats not fun ! =(

kelina-haha its fun for me

jacob-if your tired go lay down in the room

kelina-thats what ima do

jaocb-kay call us if you need anything

kelina-will do

kelina gets up and kisses jacob

she goes tot their room room on the bus and lays down and then she gets a text from her twin

tt-hey lil sis

k-im only 2 mins younger ! :P

tt-thats still makes me older


tt-where are you

k-in new york

tt-with who your little frinds kim and ashlee

k-you forgot briianna and no im with jacob

tt-oh..i swear ima beat his ass

k-chill he didnt do anything yet

tt-see yet call me if something go down i'll take the jet over there asap !

k-chill big bro ttyl bout to get my beauty rest

tt-yea you go need it cause itys some sexy models out there

k-oh stfu ! love you

tt-love you too be safe im not playing call

k-ok ok i promise

kelina drifts off into a deep restless sleep

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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