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"There is happiness for those who accept their fate. There is glory for those who defy their fate." -Edel, From Princess Tutu

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April 1, 2008

My name.....thanks mom and dad....

So, in spanish today, we started reading Don Quixote......and we got information on the author, and I noticed my middle name (Callisto) on the previous encyclopedia entry..........

It was a character in some spanish story.......and its a guy.....

I've always known about the Greek Callisto.....the nymph who gets raped by Zeus and turned into a bear.........but at least she wasn't a guy......

So yeah......I guess I shouldn't be too mad, considering that it isn't my first name, but seriously.....I seriously want to know what my parents were least its cooler than my first name.......*sigh* rant, I apologize.......

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