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Hi! Name's Kaylei and I'm a soon to be freshmen (in college) at the age of 19. I'm a young writer/singer/actress/dancer/ photagrapher :D Don't judge me just because I'm bigger :P I'm amazing just the way I ams, so if you don't agree you can go die in a hole ;) Ok Byeee BTW if you can't tell I'm extremely weird

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stories Unknown: Chapter 1
Published in Stories on 07/27/2011
stories The True Story of The Little Mermaid: Chapter 17
Published in Stories on 06/30/2011
stories The True Story Of The Little Mermaid: Chapter 16
Published in Stories on 12/17/2010
stories The True Story Of The Little Mermaid: Chapter 15
Published in Stories on 08/15/2010
stories The True Story Of The Little Mermaid: Chapters 12, 13, and 14
Published in Stories on 08/15/2010


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August 4, 2010


I know I haven't posted a journal in quite a while but I wanted to catch up. Ok if you have been reading my new story Drama Queen Freshmen Year you know that I had met quite a few new people last year and some things worked out while others fell apart. Trust me the story is 99.9% true experience for me my first year of high school. S.M. and I dated a few more times... ok like 10 times but I now know that me and him aren't meant to be. C,H. (AKA The Loner in DQFY) became a good friend but he turned into a jerk really quick. E.S. (AKA Mystery Boy in DQFY) is a great friend I can talk to him about anything. Then there's D.S. (AKA Brown Eyes in DQFY) he is a good friend but can get annoying. But right now that amazing bf and I broke up about a month ago. a week after my birthday.... But we're still friends and I still like him along with P.K. (He hasn't come into the story yet) and M.H. who is C.H.'s younger brother. (He'll be coming in the story shortly.)

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stories I'm Sick, You're Tired, Let's Dance -Draco Malfoy- (THE END) 07/15/2009
stories The Little Mermaid (an appropriation) Part 2 10/23/2008
stories The Little Mermaid (an appropriation) Part 1 10/23/2008

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