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'There's always a wild side to an innocent face' ;3

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Ok so I am usually very hyper and energetic and I LOVE chocolate!!My favorite color is red and my favorite things to do are reading,dancing,singing,hanging out with my buds, and shopping!!I have curly brown hair and brown eyes.I like anime and vampires.Also you can call me Riri cuz that's what my friends call me or you can call me Anna,that's what my family calls me! =)

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January 6, 2013


Heeeeerreee's another random journal post thing that has no absolute meaning whatsoever!! :D I have a problem though I have to go somewhere and I don't know what to wear! >:( I don't like it when stuff like this happens!Grrr this is all that I can say.Haha no just kidding :3 Were you fooled?!Bet not cuz that was really weird and random but ya know that's how my life rolls!Like when you are rolling down windows it just rolls up and down.WELL I roll on my carpet in my room and on the floor in he living room!But in the living room it isn't fun because it's wood and cold! :d I'm going to play the piano be right back!!Okay I've been gone for more than an hour I get distracted easily .///. I know what to wear now!And I'm wearing it!! :D I got them from Taiwan,Hong Kong,and Korea! :3 Taiwan's an awesome place and so is Hong Kong I've been there!YAH!!Got to go! :)

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Sep 16th, 2014

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