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i am an amateur, finally straying from fan fiction into real fiction. i had a previous account but i am abandoning it. i WAS rikusgirlfriend1101. i love video games, smiling, helping, and trying to mend broken hearts. i also have a Deviant Art Account. i am "The-Hidden-Flame-1" (they might be underscores but at the moment i dont care.) so enjoy my work. critique and rate. take the quizzes too :D

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stories Jose Dragon TF
Published in Stories on 05/09/2012
stories That Eternal Spell (Part 3)
Published in Stories on 03/05/2012
stories That Eternal Spell (Part 2)
Published in Stories on 01/24/2012
stories That Eternal Spell (Part 1)
Published in Stories on 01/24/2012
stories That Eternal Spell (Prologue)
Published in Stories on 01/24/2012


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December 15, 2011

Gona get serious

Gonna start posting s*** now. woo hoo

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stories loves eternal spell (a vampire love story)part 2 04/04/2008

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