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Name: Danielle Freeman Age: 18 Birthday: March 11 1992 Gender: Female Grade: Junior in HS I'm a basic down to earth teenager who likes to spend time on her computer. I love anime, reading and writing, and spending time with friends. Feel free to contact me about anything (as long as its nothing stupid,) and I will responded.

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September 18, 2014


My nightmare has finally come true. After years of decline in popularity and bugs, Quizilla has finally decided to close its doors for good. I know quizilla and I have have had our ups and downs but I never thought that our relationship was ever so bad where I thought that we needed to break up. Sadly Quizilla has decided it wants to throw in towel and I thought my life would be over, BUT I WAS WRONG!!!! My fellow quizilla goers, THERE IS ANOTHER SITE LIKE QUIZILLA I've spoken to multiple people and they have told me that they have started moving there work to a site called quotev.com The site is very similar to quizilla (it lets you post stories, quizzes, ect.) I've already headed there and made an account. My user name there is Wh1te Rabb1t and what is great is that the site doesn't seem to have any bugs (at least none that I've ran into so far.) So everyone, SPREAD THE WORD! There is still hope for our role play addictions! Tell everyone you've ever known and love to head to quotev.com NOW!!!!!!

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Sep 30th, 2014

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