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Name: Danielle Freeman Age: 18 Birthday: March 11 1992 Gender: Female Grade: Junior in HS I'm a basic down to earth teenager who likes to spend time on her computer. I love anime, reading and writing, and spending time with friends. Feel free to contact me about anything (as long as its nothing stupid,) and I will responded.

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April 10, 2013

Is anyone even reading this?

Hello world and my nonexistent readers. I’m ashamed at how long it has been since I’ve last posted anything. According to my last journal entry (which was in November) I said that I was going to update my DN RP soon and as you can see I haven’t. This is due to me being busy with college and having the lack of motivation to actually work on it. For me writing is like track. It’s something you may somewhat enjoy but it still takes up energy. Also it doesn’t help that I’m horrible when it comes to actually putting words onto paper. I didn’t lie however when I said that was almost done (because it is I just need to finish it.) Also I’ve recently gotten a message encouraging me to bring back up my WWYFF quiz which I haven’t worked on since like 2010 or so (has it really been three years already?!) So this is usually the part where the writer posts something along the lines of “I know I haven’t posted anything in all time but I promise that I will soon” kind of thing. Well I’m not going to make and promises because every time I do I end up jinxing myself and nothing ever gets done. I will try to get something posted but it won’t be till around the end of May. I have too many tests coming up in college then its finals and I won’t have much time to spare for writing. If by any chance someone IS reading this message me to the word “Apple.” I’m curious to see how many people are reading this and will take the time to message me.

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