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lyrics And That's When I Knew I Was In Love
Published in Lyrics on 05/16/2012
polls What kind of guy do you prefer? (Girls only!)
Published in Polls on 05/11/2012
polls Who is your favorite EXO member?
Published in Polls on 05/06/2012
polls Kpop star! Which is hotter/cuter/sexier/handsomer? (out of these)
Published in Polls on 05/01/2012
quizzes What Kpop song are you?
Published in Quizzes on 04/30/2012


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April 23, 2012


I am listening to the song "We were in Love" my T-ara and Davichi...It's not that bad i usually hate girly groups...But i like 2NE1! SNSD, f(x), Miss A, and T-Ara/Davichi i only like one song from each groups so you can't really say im a fan? But 2NE1 i like like ALL of their songs! Anyway...Im so bored...Oh yeah i was gonna tell you guys (and by you guys i mean myself ranting to no one...i need some "help") i made a "would we be friends test" and 95% would be my buddy! ^^ Yay:) Haha but if you got 'stranger' we might get along better... (*read all results to find out*)
So lately i've been wanting to shop like a LOT...but one problem i have NO money!!!!!! D': Poor, jobless me...of course im not that old either so...yeah its i guess understandable...Anyway i like to shop at: (haha and WISHED i shoped at....)
AeropostaleAEHollisterForever 21dEiLA'sAmbercrombie&FitchPac SunKohlsJCPenny***Yesstyle***This one is my favorite! It has a bunch of cute clothes there:D
Well i don't go shopping often...why? I NEVER have the time!!!!! Grrrr!!!!! stupid school and homework!
So how are you all doing? Well? I hope so! I have a HUGE testS!!! <<

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