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Don't expect much from me. I might even be lets say, less than human.

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So I love to play multiplayer video games and to read. I dont really get the foreign late-night tv anime shows so yeah.. POKE!

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March 5, 2011

MY perfect world... Ch. 1

OK so this is the first chapter my new story. The expansion of PWI came out on the 2nd so I officially know all the details now.
Newly discovered details: Your hometown is Tellus City and your hangout is a treehouse in The Fissure. (tight valley bursting w/ life)

Your level is45 and Kitsunedeath's is 35.

The Nightspike are your sworn enemies. The tideborn are also enemies of Nightspike but you have a long and bloody history w/ them. You are on the watch/wanted/kill list for them.

At low levels (1-30) you just grinded (fought constantly to level) and did no quests. At level 30 you did your quests in Arch and at level 40 you set out to protect your race.
story start!

You are peering out from behind a hallsarry bush. You're spying on a camp of nightspikes.
Foxi is back at camp preparing dinner. (Gold oxmeat soup)

You hear a lisping voice behind you and spin around.
There is a Nightspike Exocutioner (lvl 20) standing there.
You pull out your glaive and get into a battle stance, not caringwho notices your presence.
"Come to join thefun are you?" says the towering figure. "I was wondering who our observer was....."
The Exocutioner had increased defense and health but you knew you could take it.
You lash out with your glaive and just nearly miss the 'Spikes torso.
"I can kill you any time I want too. How about you tell me your plans and we can all go home." you whisper.
The beast's hands start to glow and you see a hint of a blue flame.
Before it attacks you zap with a fierce lightning bolt, stopping the spell and dealing a lot of damage.
"You want to play dirty eh?"
The 'Spike draws a curved blade and aims to chop you.
You leap back and summon a Bramble Trap to help you. It takes a chunk out of the exe.'s leg and it stumbles.
You are able to finish it off and run to camp before any more come.

"Jeez! What happened back there?" askes Foxi.
She's feeding her white wolfling meat from her hand.
"I was spying on the Nightspike camp and an exocutioner found me. I was able to take him out but the others are mad." you reply breathlessly.

Just then Kiro walks up.
Foxi leaps up! "Yay! Everyone is here! Lets eat!"
(Foxi is a bit moody and super hyper, she loves sugar and small animals.)

"Dia, can I see you for a minute please?" Kiro becons to you, he has a worried expression.
You follow him a little ways into the woods surroudning your camp.
"I was off in Tellus today and I got an order from Elder Star. He said for me to bring you. There is some important business he needs you to do." Kiro whispers.
You sigh, "but I just finished my training in Archosaur, what now?"
"Its urgent, he said to leave first thing at dawn."

You 2 run back to Foxi whom is attempting to stand on her head. (random remember?)

"Hey Foxi, I have to go to Tellus at dawn, wanna come?" You steady the wobbly figure...
She leaps up and hurries to start gathering stuff together.

You grab some food and lay down by your small fire. Kiro comes over and lays down next to you, he wraps his arms around you.

Eventually you fall asleep in his embrace.


You leap up to see the sun just peaking over the treetops.

"KIRO! FOXI! WE GOTTA GO!!" You yell and quickly grab your bag.

"mmm hmm?" Foxi wobbles out of her tent (yes she actually went to her bed) and stares blurily at you.

"OH shit! I forgot!" Kiro leaps up and grabs Foxi. "I'll carry her, you fly along side. She'll never be awake enough to fly herself."

"Thank you, your the best." You lean over and kiss him on the cheek.
You set off in direction of the white ridge, over that is Tellus City.

---------------------------elder's room---------------------------

You arrive later on the landing plateau outside the elder's room.
You can see the shimmering portal to take you to the city and the hollow doorway.
You walk in to meet the elder after straighting yourself out.

"JaydenDaiz, Jakiro, you have brought a friend I see.." booms the elder.
You introduce Kitsunedeath.

"I have received news that the Chimei's of the Water Tribe have been acting up. Your mission-if you choose to accept it-it to exterminate the Water Chimei Phisics and Wizards. " says the elder.

"I accept." says Kiro. "I accept" you agree.

"Do I do this too?" pipes up Foxi.

"You may younge one, take pride in your work." the elder star replies.

"Your jobs will be as follows: Kiro, you will stay airborn and heal the girls, keep them safe. Dia, you will be the fighter, do your best. Foxi, you will do side attacks and fuel Kiro with mana to heal Dia, take this seriously." The elder points at each of you in turn and then bows his head.
"Go now younge warriors, for this is just the first in the wraith's brutality."

You exit and set off to fly to the DragonLand where your targets reside.


How will your first mission be? Find out in the next episode.

Was this good? Tell me what you thought in a message pls.

I promise this time I wont cut off just before your mission this time...... :D

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