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"Why am I, the pitiful country of Ireland, so DEFENSIVE?! I may be a girl, but I've been through a h*ll of a lot more than you, Mr.Know-it-all! What's the worst you've been through, a recession?" ~ Jade Rae (My Hetalia OC) ~THANK YOU FOR OVER 6000 VIEWS!~

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Hi. I used to be a hard-core Sonic fan, but most of my attention has been stolen by Hetalia. There are two other fictional worlds that I love as well: The Dresden Files and Legend of Zelda. I still really love Pokémon and Sonic, though! Gardevoir and Lucario are still my fave's, as well as Silver!

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November 22, 2012

Happy "turkey day" XD

(As a heads-up, homeade sugary cream cheese frosting me too much free time = a warped sense of humor [oh wait, I ALWAYS have a warped sense of humor XD], hyperactive bi-polarness XD, and a desire to be flat-out weird)
HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! Or, more publically known, happy Thanksgiving (Gobble gobble XD). I don't know why, so don't ask why I'm saying that. Maybe it has to do with all that frosting I ate...NOT! XD Anyway, since I have no clue why I am saying...I'll treat you all to something completely random! XD

YOU GET A DIGITAL COOKIE IF YOU GET THE REFERENCES! Yes, REFERENCES(There's two~).And no, DoGlOvEr109, you're not allowed to say what it is; you already know, and it's not fair to everyone else XD (I'm sorry, but it's true! XD We can message each other and talk stereotypes in return if you like)

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Sep 21st, 2014

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