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3 FRIENDS!? JD*HW27?"35;27U2QAI *flips off cliff*

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HI! My name iz Snowstorm, but you can call me Snowy :D and no I DON'T CURSE!!! Traits~Weak, Witty, Innocent, and Polite :3 Pic~ by me but really ba~a~a~a~a~D!! Interets: SHOWS (anime) GO!!: Alot, but mostly Axis Power Hetalia (4 Hetalia, call me LALALAND orze Triple L PLZ :D

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stories APH- Babysitter/Maid service owo
Published in Stories on 06/27/2012
stories Hetalia- James Dedran (OC)
Published in Stories on 06/26/2012
stories 3rdL Hetalia- Jewel Shai (OC)
Published in Stories on 06/26/2012


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December 24, 2012


Ok guys, first of all, this account is dead old. Firstly, I wanted to say sorry about my lack of update (for like, montha!). I haven't been motivated, and I had to get a new computer. Swcondly, I'm going to edit my characters. They have very cliche traits. I don't like on how I described my character and I'm going to change that. Sorry for the wait.So, yeah.... I will get some work done, don't worry.Ok, so, yeah, thanks for reading this! :3 I will update!

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