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wrestling is not fake my friend people are fake. ♥♥~

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butter is everything you ignorant bitch.

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stories Chris Redfield [A Hug before You Go]
Published in Stories on 04/12/2014
stories This Moment |Christian| [04]
Published in Stories on 03/22/2014
stories This Moment |Christian| [03]
Published in Stories on 03/15/2014
stories This Moment |Christian| [02]
Published in Stories on 03/05/2014
stories My Kingdom Awaits |Daryl Dixon|
Published in Stories on 02/28/2014


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March 22, 2014

Monthly Update

Alright, I’m still working on the 101 Themes that will be Resident Evil based because that’s still my favorite video game at the moment. I’m also planning a few WWE & TNA stories too.

I’m currently participating in Lent (March 5th – April 17th), and I chose to give up video games for Lent. So once that’s over, I’ll be able to update my Resident Evil stuff on here – the 101 Themes, and on QuoteV – Resident Evil based stuff – also Captain’s Pet on my extra account; ShiranuiNoAmaterasu.

So that’s been my life, along with helping my dad work when he needs my help. Oh, one last thing, as soon as Lent is over, I’m taking a much needed break from here and QuoteV, and I’ll be back April 27th. So don’t miss me that much. I guess that’s all I’m doing, so you guys don’t need to expect much out of me for a while..

Oh, and my QuoteV; just type @ChrisMotherfckingRedfield in the search bar, and it’ll take you to my profile there!

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Apr 23rd, 2014

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