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My name is Sam (SkittlezMonsterr), I'm 15, and I am a major, epic Panic! At The Disco fanatic. I love Iron Man.♥ I am IN LOVE with Tobuscus (Toby Turner). I seriously have never fan-girled over anyone so hard. lol I love most music. And I think that's all!

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stories Ghost Adventures Fanfiction: IMPORTANT.
Published in Stories on 10/31/2013
stories Raindrops (A Tobuscus Fanfiction) *MUST READ*
Published in Stories on 07/27/2013
stories Teach Me To Be Human *MUST READ*
Published in Stories on 07/22/2013
stories Project Radio Active
Published in Stories on 07/06/2013
polls Who Has The Better Voice; Brendon Urie or Patrick Stump?
Published in Polls on 06/06/2013


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July 21, 2013

Different Account

Hey guys. I've grown out of this stupid username and I've made a different account so that I can start fresh. I'll be re-posting Teach me To Be Human, Raindrops, Life's Little Storms, and Power Of Music on that account. I'll also only be on this one occassionally just to check messages and whatnot.

But if you could, this is the account I use now: SkittlezMonsterr

Anyway, have an awesome day!


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Apr 24th, 2014

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