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Star Trek vs Star Wars. The Enterprise totally owns.

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Hello, there. My name is SpockLives. (Not really. That's just my user name) One of the dedicated Goth Sisters at school, I am an outcast. Wa-hoo! Nothing more fun than being the subject of clique discrimination. Not to mention being made fun of because I love Johnny Depp and Star Trek. Well, when you bring things upon yourself like this--it isn't surprising you get patronized for being odd. :) But that's me!

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April 24, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Hiya there!
Yes, yes . . . I'm alive . . . Surprising, right? Well, I'm finally starting to update Spock's Epilogue to Star Trek again, so please read it!!!!!! -.-
(I'm not desperate . . . not at all . . .)
Also, random stuff: TORA-CON 2011 WAS THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!!! It's an anime convention and compared to last year, it was WAAAAAAAAAAY awesome! First of all, I didn't get sick. Second, my friends were there. And third, I cosplayed!!!!!!!! I was Nanao Ise from the anime Bleach . . . All of the cosplayers I saw were so amazing! I got so many pictures, including my favorite anime character, Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!! I just HAD to glomp that girl . . . :)
My boyfriend, however, was a little disgruntled at me fawning over all the bishi . . . heh heh . . . Oh well . . . He wouldn't even let me glomp a Sebastian Michealis cosplayer! (Actually, it was probably better that I didn't . . . I might've never let go . . .) But I did get a really good picture of a Kisuke Urahara!! <3 Anyway, awesome weekend.
Oh! And! At the AMV contest (if anyone cares), there was an *amazing* AMV called "Let Your Walls Come Down". It was so phoenomenal! Seriously, you have to look it up! It's with the anime Kimi Ni Todoke, which looks really good!
I could go on for volumes about the convention, so i'll just quit while I'm a little bit ahead. ;)
Ta Ta For Now!

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