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God I'm such a complete bitch! Dx I'm sorry! I will make chapters for my Hiei story, but I just REALLY need to focus on my AP English 4 class right now. Please understand! :(

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Hey guys! This is Taylor! I hope you all will enjoy my stories! :)

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June 14, 2012


Yes, that special time of year where students are finally let out of the hell that we all know as school has finally come!

Man, I'm going to be a Senior next year. Craaaaaaazy. Blah. I don't wanna grow up :/

Enough of that. I finished all of my Exams and basically passed all of them, just have two that I'm still unsure of right now, and I can't fucking wait for the nice weather, the pool, and the writing of course! YEAH!

Anyway, I plan to finish my Hiei story during the summer, and I am so excited for it and a little hesitant. I love my Hiei story so very much, and Kira is my favorite OC out of the MANY that I have made. She's awesome. DON'T GO KIRA! NOOOOOOO! Dx

So yeah, I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my story!

See you guys soon!


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