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My name is Victoria, and my home is a chocolate box. :D Marching band is a big part of my life now, so I have little time to write or really much of anything. Despite that, I'm an aspiring drum major for my high school band. My favorite topics are video games and psychology; I pretty much talk about anything, though. I'm a feminist and pro-choice (just a random bit of info for ya). Anywho, if you want to talk, message me. :)

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stories Ab Initio
Published in Stories on 12/02/2009
stories Red Roses and Dark Dreams
Published in Stories on 11/29/2009
polls What would be a good title for a story?
Published in Polls on 11/28/2009
stories Insanity
Published in Stories on 10/27/2009
stories A Matter of Trust
Published in Stories on 10/22/2009


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November 30, 2009

I got... mail?

I'm so happy! The first thing I saw when I logged in was that I had two new messages, both about Red Roses and Dark Dreams! Thank you so much! :D

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stories Internationalist Is Dead 12/01/2009
stories A Dark Romance...(Part 87) 11/28/2009
quizzes What is your Final Fantasy Class? 11/10/2009
poems Look, But Don't Touch 08/25/2009
poems Try. 08/12/2009

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