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cleaning up the rest of my old creations, saving the rest, and finishing my move! it was fun, guys, shoot me a message on my new account if you'd like!

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stories going out in STYLE! ; prize form for Julche~
Published in Stories on 04/02/2012
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Published in Stories on 03/25/2012
stories 「 無感覚 」⇨ N
Published in Stories on 03/25/2012
stories soundless ❄ TOUYA
Published in Stories on 02/25/2012
stories despondency ♚ N
Published in Stories on 02/21/2012


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February 1, 2012

〖february;; the month of hiatus〗


I don't have inspiration.

I don't have motivation.

I don't have confidence.

No, I'm not leaving. Just going on a hiatus. I really need to focus on my schoolwork, pull up my grades, get my head clear, and other emotional things.

Also, I'm really worried about my grandma. She's had a cold for about a month, and it's gotten a lot worse in the past few days. The cold's grown to a sinus infection and bronchitis, and as if that isn't worrying enough, her chest hurts because she can't stop coughing. I'm really worried about her.

Not to mention that I'll be alone for Valentine's day again. . . family-wise, too. Not that it really matters, but still. -sigh-

And remember my mom's boyfriend? Well, apparently they got back together, and two days later, he fucking moves in. It's not a big deal, but still. I'm really confused.

So I'm taking a hiatus. I won't be updating stories / drabbles. . . I might write stuff and post it when the hiatus is over, and I'll update my journal.

But I guess I'll see you all in March.

* * *

m u s i c: kyrie eleison- hatsune miku
m o o d: don't even.
w o r k i n g | o n: ---:

* * *

d a n n i - c h a n

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