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March 6, 2012

Sleep deprived....

Ggggaaaaaaawwwwwww. I am tired. I slept for a good five minutes last night. Woo. Rejuvination! Not really. I could go for another... Hm.. Seven hours and fifty-five minutes or so. I think I would be good with that. Oh well.
I am loving life. I dont know why though.

I am done for now.....evil.jpg

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February 21, 2012

About me survey thing.

Full Name: Xero Bastion

Nicknames: Erm.. None.

Age: 15

Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel

School: Homeschool and School of BigBro!

Job: Babysitting

Birthday: None your buziness

Tattoos: Uuh.. None. Ever.
Piercings: My ears.

Family: Mother father sister, sister, twin and brother.

Do you get along with your parents?: It's... Complicated...

What are there names?: mom and dad

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?: My dad...

Any Siblings?: Yes.

What are there names?: Never gonna know.

How old are they?:




brother: 8

(bro's are twins)

Do you get along with them?: Sort of..

How many best friends do you have?: 3..

Which one can you tell anything and everything to?: Three guys... Only one of them.

Which one will do anything you tell them to do no matter how stupid it is?: Uh.. The middle friend.

Who have you known the longest?: My bro who's also my best friend.

Which one could you call at 3 am and they would answer?: Uuh.. The oldest one.

Which one knows the most about you?: The middle. No doubt.

Which one is most like you?: My twin

Which one has the nicest car?: My oldest friend.

Food: Tacos

Candy: ButterFinger

Soda: Dr. Pepper

Drink: Water

Alcoholic Drink: Scotch

Person: My middle friend.

Gum: Any mint gum.

Vegetable: Most.

Fruit: Oranges

Cartoon: Erm....... Yu-Gi-Oh doesnt count does it?


Song: Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park

Book: Uuh... Gone and The Hunger Games

Color: Orange

Place: Does the comp count?

Shoes: The shoes I am wearing.

Store: Uh... Walmart?

Kind of Jeans: Jeans

Kind of Shirts: Hoodie and tee-shirt.

Makeup?: None.

Animal?: Penguin

Pet?: Cat

First Kiss: Personal info.

First Car: I dont know yet.

First word: Grody

First Best Friend: Erm...

First Crush: None-yo-buziness

First Celebrity None

Time you cried: Recently...

Person you hugged: My dad

Person you kissed: None you
Movie you saw in theater: Uuh.. Idk

Person you went on a date with: Erm no

You talked to on the phone: Teacher

Person to text you: My best buddy.

Song you heard: Bring me to life by Evanescence.

Person you called: My best friend

Person to call you: teacher
Missed call: teacher

Did you like Barney?: NO.

What about The Power Rangers?:Erm... No

Were you a mean kid?: Sorta.

Did you eat all your veggies?: Yes

What was your favorite Nursery Rhyme?: Spider Queen by Grim Brothers.

Did you want to be just like Britney Spears?: Grody.

Are you still friends with the people you were friends with then?: Uuh... When?

Were you a tomboy or a girly girl?: I am me.

Are you single or taken?: None yo.

Do you have a crush?: None yo.

Do they like you back?:None yo

Have you ever been in love?: None yo.

Have you ever been heartbroken?: No

Honestly, How many times have you had a broken heart?: None

Are you a virgin?: Yes

How many times have you been in love?: None yo.

Looks or personality?: Personality

Love or Money?: Love

Ever went on a date with someone cuz you didnt want to hurt there feelings: ...No.

What do you first notice on the opposite sex?:Personality.

Do you like this survey?: Erm...

Why are you taking this survey?:I felt like it...

Are aliens really out there?: I dunno...

What is your biggest fear?: Dying and being alone.

Do you like your life?: Sure.

Do you smoke?: No. I am against smoking entirely.

Do you drink?: I had beer once...

Do you do drugs?: No.

Prescription drugs?: Yeah.

If i had one wish...: I wouldn't ever have to be alone.

My friends are...: The best.

Jack and Jill...: ...?

You are...: I am me.

I like...: Tacos.

The cow...: ...What cow?

Believe in God?: Yes, Jehovah's Witness in your presence.

Curch?: Kingdom Hall...

Drunk Dialed?: ...No.

Gotten Drunk?: Erm no.

Had a one night stand?: What the heck is that?

Cursed?: No coment.

Kissed someone you didn't like?: ...

Pretended to like something but really didn't?: No

Sat on your roof?: yes,

Wished you could take something you said back?: Yes.

Smoked a Cigarette?: Ew no.

Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?: ?

Seen a friend as more than a friend?: No comment.

Gotten mad about nothing?: I have my reasons...

Burnt popcorn?: ...Grody.

Done something you now regret?: Yes. All the time.

Poke: ...?

Bark: Grandma? Is that you!!???

Dance: ...?

Banana: I like bananas...

Love: It exists I guess...

Mountain dew or Sprite?: Mowntain dew. gotta do the dew!

Pen or Pencil?: pencil

Country or Rap?: ...

Rock or Oldies?: Rock!


CD or Cassette?: Cassette

Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo?: Scooby Doo! Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

Steak or Chicken?: Depends..

Bubble gum or Just gum?: I hate bubblegum.

Cell phone or house phone?: House

Mom or Dad?: ...

Digital Camera or Film Camera?: ..Camera.

Britney Spears or Christna Aguilera?: Christina Aguilera.

MTV or VH1?: ...I do not like television.

Your family- Is a family.


Father- Daddy! Daddy! DADDY! DADDY!!!!!!!!!! Guess what! Guess what Daddy! HIII DADDY!!

Older brother- He is the most annoying older brother ever. But he is like my best friend...

Younger brother-SHORT ONE IS AWESOME!!

Older Sister- I hate her...

Younger Sister- So funny!

Best Friend (s) : Are my everything.

Worst Enemy-;_; None.


It was interesting...

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February 6, 2012

...Why do we gotta title these things!!!!?????

Hola! It's Maci here to tell you some random stuff.
First.. I noticed something about a lot of people. (No... Not just me lol) If you are depressed, sad, suicidal or anything, talk to me. I am doing it, not as a coucilor, not as some spaz trying to dig into your personal life, but as a friend. I had a friend who had it all- She was suicidal, she was annorexic, then bullimic, she cut herself, she was raped, her parents called her fat and ugly, she almost had no friends till I came along and changed that for her. She had pretty much everything happen to her. Till she met me, she thought she was gonna be alone. I don't want you or her or anyone, at all, to be alone. TheSilentNinja321 is always avalable, unless she is sleeping... THEN SHE WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DESTURB THE MONSTER'S SLUMBER!! (Sorry maybe the Dr. Pepper I had was too much...)
Anyway, I hope that you take that into consideration. I love you all! (For girls no homo) Talk to you later!

-Maci S. The Most Awesome!

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December 13, 2011

Dun dun duuuunnn

Kay maybe I shouldn't be this bored... But I iz.
Okay... So, if you want me to write something, lemme know. I can write a one-shot (Don't know many anime television shows, so you'd have to tell me the names), a WWYFF thing, a love/breaku/hate/emotional poem, anything really. As long as you don't mind me using not bad language. (No cursing) Okay...
Well, later for now i guess.

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December 7, 2011


877629.jpgI gues I'll introduce myself. I'm Kit. Uhm.... I am 15. I am German.I am an unknown author I guess. Most peopledon't talk to me, andI don't mind. Uh...I guess that's it really.

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