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Im Sena. im a very shy person but i will do my best to answer if you message me. im a writer, i do lyrics and poems, i have been called emo, i have been called albino. i am neither. I love 90's music, and some of todays rock. If you want to know more than msg may ;] oh and fo yo information my old picture was when i was thirteen with my suckey blurrey camera. this is a more recent 1.

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lyrics Split Second [Song Version]
Published in Lyrics on 01/12/2011
lyrics Forget The Hate.
Published in Lyrics on 01/03/2011
lyrics Broken Hearts Run Into New Lives.
Published in Lyrics on 12/05/2010
poems My Apologies
Published in Poems on 11/16/2010
lyrics Violated- (Original For Ephemerity)
Published in Lyrics on 10/19/2010


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July 16, 2010


Gone. Never to return. Nothing i can do. Sometimes it hurts to see the truth but you have to realize in a way that isnt hurtful. dont be like me. see it before youre in too deep. I cant even describe how sad i was right now.

That wasnt intended as a poem, btw, just some ramblings of a sad person.

--S. N. A.

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stories something that made me smile =) 07/12/2010
lyrics The Last One Standing 07/04/2010
poems Death 07/03/2010
stories cries, hate, FAITH: The Diary of Anna Romaio 06/22/2010
lyrics Untitled 06/01/2010

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