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Helloz people! How's it been doing? Weel, like the title says here's random updates about stories, and some other stuff! xD Anyways, I shure haven't been putting stuff up much, huh? I will soon though. But's here's possible stories/plot bears/penguins/bunnies/whatever xD and stories so far(EVen though there's not many xD) Although I will let you see inside my secret stack of stories in my computer that I haven't put up and other stuff.

1.) Halloween High
There's not much to say about this one. I said in my quiz that I'll continue when I have at least 5 messages. I only have 2 so far. But there's really amazing messages though! So I'm indescive(sp) about this one. I'm sorry...
2.) SPICE! Maybe.....
Ah, a story that I've haven't published yet. And I'm still on Part 1. Basically, I've noticed that there's barely any reader insert for Vocaloid! THAT MAKES ME MAD!!!! So, I've made a SPICE insert insert for Len Kagamine. Your new to Japan and unaware of the player(Len) who has a new you.
Len Kagamine X Reader, Slight Mikuo Hatsune X Reader, and at one point Len X Rin Kagamine(his sister in this one but it's slight though)
3.) My Friends, the VOCALOID
Not a reader inset, actually. Sorry. D=I'm the main character. Sorry TT.TT But here's what it's about: There new kids at my school, twins to be exact. I'm pretty excitied. Though they remind me of certain people. And perhaps I'm right...
And not published on Quizilla.
4.) Voca High School Host Club
You can basicially guess what's it's about xD It's a mix of Ouran High School Host Club with Vocaloid characters! But there will be differences, of course. ^^
Kaito X Reader, Honne Dell X Reader, Mikuo X Reader, Len X Reader, Gakupo X Reader
Yeah, you have a array of guys for you. xD

And that's pretty much it! But I'm don't know if Ill published some of these on Quizilla. An I might do a Heart no Kuni no ALice quiz too. because there's not muchreader insert for that too.....
And perhaps a reader insert Vocaloidsong drabble series.

Posted at 7:34 PM EST on Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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