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Published in Stories on 07/25/2010
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Published in Stories on 07/24/2010
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Published in Stories on 07/22/2010
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Published in Stories on 07/21/2010


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July 24, 2010

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Alright, I'm working on everyone's personalized results and One-Shots. I plan to make the stories relatively long so that's why they're taking a while. But while I was working on this I took a break and did one of my clients personalized quizzes. If anyone has the time then take ScarletCarson's Naruto quiz. It was great. I hope everyone who has had their results is happy with it. Stay relaxed,guys and girls... Peace out for now.

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quizzes What do the Naruto Characters think of you? Who is your GF etc.(FOR BOYS ONLY! DETAILED) 06/10/2010
stories Ace Attorney Opinions: Jared Kohn 05/15/2010

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