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~An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.~

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Once the parkour people have turned into zombies, we're all screwed. -.- I've moved to Wattpad --> just search me up on VeeQwe

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stories The Wolf and his Boy-Chapter 8
Published in Stories on 07/20/2012
stories Noblesse-Part 2
Published in Stories on 06/22/2012
stories The Alternative Dimension - Ch 2
Published in Stories on 06/16/2012
stories Finding Light - Chapter 3
Published in Stories on 06/10/2012
stories The Alternative Dimension S2
Published in Stories on 06/08/2012


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September 28, 2011

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I've Been Tagged!

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10 Random Facts About Myself:
1: I am not religious.
2: I'd exchange my twin sister for a little brother anyday, anytime.
3: I've broken my sister's hand......on purpose
4: I'm afraid of dying.
5: I can do a flip but not a cartwheel.
6: I enjoy playing my keyboard, flute, piccolo, and drawing.
7: My favorite colors are black and green. Depends on my mood.
8: I've been bitten by a spider; and have been terrified of them ever since.
9: My mother and sister pick out what I wear in the morning......
10: I play chess for my high school.

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Sep 19th, 2014

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stories HAPPY BIRTHDAY VeeQwe!! 07/31/2011
stories Dark Mousy's Guardian FILLER!!! 07/28/2011
stories Can't Love a Werewolf, Without Getting Fleas. [40] 11/14/2010

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