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Give me a dance she says, just take my hand she says, I don't want anything...

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Hullo. My name is Wesley, but feel free to call me whatever you want. I enjoy writing, but aspire to be a few things when I grow older. I'm a huge supporter of the frequent use of toilet paper and the belief of Santa Claus. Feel free to criticise and rip my writing style apart, I'm open to many of your professional (and other worldly) opinions. By duplicating, plagarizing, or stealing my work you are guarenteeing me the right to shoot you in the pelvic area. Message me, I don't bite. Unless you taste good.

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stories Marie to Dylan
Published in Stories on 10/11/2009
poems Lily
Published in Poems on 10/02/2009
stories Charlene to Rosalind
Published in Stories on 10/01/2009
poems Alicia
Published in Poems on 09/18/2009
stories A Tuesday to Remember [0.3]
Published in Stories on 09/18/2009


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November 3, 2009


I know I know I know I know I know.

I have dragged the wait waaaay too long and I'm so so so sorry. I am working on a new chapter, and since a large majority of my school work is done, I actually have time to write now.

I am also feeling better, and I have the chapter under wraps at the moment.

Thanks again for reading,


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stories Internationalist Is Dead 12/01/2009
stories scratch [9] 11/17/2009
stories Huntress. o6. 08/28/2009
stories Huntress. o5. 08/26/2009
stories Huntress. o4. 08/23/2009

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