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UPDATE in the about me section!!!! Please read!!!

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Hey guys so I've gotten completely tired of quizilla so I've moved to Wattpad. >>> http://www.wattpad.com/user/TheFallenOne23 This is the link to mine. I may or may not still come back here to post stuff once in a while. but mostly wattpad.Thanks guys for all your support and I'm sorry to leave you all. Love, K.

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August 11, 2012


Maybe thing's won't be so bad after all. I've agreed to give up my bff to protect her and myself thinking that losing my friend would kill my life... Maybe just letting her go is easier... 1---I'll be able to focus more on school... 2---I won't have to beg my mom to let me go somewhere or do something... 3---Life at home is already calmer than before... etc... I don't know. Life is confusing... I still feel like a backstabbing bitch... Maybe it's because that's exactly what I am... I just wish she'd understand... On to a less depressing topic -------->>> I'm selling my guitar and all that goes along with it... Mostly 'cause I need money... My step-dad was supposed to get pay thursday and me and my mom were supposed to go shopping 'cause I'm literally down to 3 pairs of jeans. It didn't work out that way now unless I sell the guitar soon I'll have to wait until next weekend to go shopping... And who the hell wants to walk around in pajama pants and shorts all week? NOT I... For now ciao.


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